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About Us

Ron Sorensen and Diego Gaiser started guiding together in 2001 for Chocolate Lab Expeditions, focusing on the rivers around San Martín de los Andes, Argentina. They were initially introduced to each other by their wives, Silvina and Vanessa, whom are lifelong friends. In 2002, good friend and then aquatic biologist, Javier Urbanski (AKA Shaggy) brought Ron out to the Limay for the first time, and what he saw literally blew his mind. This kicked off a multi-year study of the river, with Diego and Ron fishing the river every chance they got and guiding select clients. By the time they knew this complex river intimately, and with the volume of anglers wanting to return year after year, they were convinced of its potential as a destination river. In 2006, they started the long process of speaking with nearly every land owner in the valley for a location for the lodge.

With a number of false starts and heartbreaks along the way and hours talking and dreaming around Diego & Silvina’s kitchen table, they finally were able to secure a long term agreement for the property they always had their eyes on. Through the efforts and contacts of both families, Diego & Ron were able to construct the Limay River Ranch.  They bring all their passion for the river, fly fishing, 30 years of outfitting, and customer service to the experience of staying at Limay River Ranch.

In short order this operation has established itself within the top tier of fishing lodges in Patagonia.